Earn money from your Discord server

Our platform gives you the ability to earn money from your Discord server with ease. No minimum requirements, just link your Discord server and watch the money roll in!

How our platform works

Install our bot

Register on the platform and install our Discord bot on your Discord server with just a few simple clicks.

Configure your server

Configure your server within our control panel and choose how much it costs to advertise to your Discord server.

Earn money

Your server will be shown to advertisers and you'll earn money when your Discord server receives an advertisement.

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There are currently 152 servers using our platform.

What our users think


Discord Advertiser took minutes to setup, and within two weeks I've earned over $100! The payouts are completed within 48 hours and I can't be happier!

AntiSocial Network

Great product

I really must say that I love the idea of this project. Can't believe it's taken this long for someone to figure out a way on how Discord server owners could make money off their servers.


Fully Customisable

We provide you with many different configuration options so that you can maintain happy members in your Discord server while earning money from occasional advertisements. Some of the configuration options that we offer have been listed below.

Server Status

Enable or disable your server on our platform. Your server will be hidden to advertisers while disabled.


Provide a brief description of your Discord server that advertisers can see.


Set how much it costs to for an advertiser to send their advertisement to your Discord server.

Invite URL

Give advertisers a way to join your Discord server by providing them with an invite link.

Allow Discord Invites

The option to remove any direct Discord invites in advertisements that your server receives.

Active Channel

Select which channel within your Discord server that advertisements will be sent to.


Select a category that is most appropriate for your Discord server so that advertisers can easily find your server.

Allow Pings

Set whether or not pings such as @everyone and @here are permitted in advertisements your server receives.


Limit how often your server can receive an advertisement, for example every thirty minutes.

Begin earning money today

Link your Discord server and begin earning money in a matter of minutes.