Earn money from your Discord server

Our platform gives you the ability to earn money from your Discord server with ease. No minimum requirements, just link your Discord server and watch the money roll in!

How our platform works


Install our Discord bot and link your server. Then select your server's category and active channel.


Short advertising messages will be occasionally sent to your active channel.


Your outstanding balance will increase. Once you reach $5+ USD you can request a payout via PayPal.

Some of our users

We've listed a few Discord servers that are currently earning money from our platform below. Don't let them take all the money, register now.

frog's dreamworld 2
80609 Users
Heavenly Realm
64926 Users
Vexera Official
44691 Users
🔥 Utopia
37392 Users
Meme Harem
28552 Users
25364 Users
Shrek's Swamp
22877 Users
Anti-Social Society
22545 Users
21858 Users
Community Teal
16956 Users
Steve's Prices/Market Server
16057 Users
15615 Users

How much you can earn

Your outstanding balance will increase each time an advertising message is sent to your Discord server. With our platform, you can set how much it costs for an advertiser to send their advertisement to your Discord server.

You set how much it costs to advertise to your server.

Simply, effective and profitable

Discord Advertiser took minutes to setup, and within two weeks I've earned over $100! The payouts are completed within 48 hours and I can't be happier!

- AntiSocial Network

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions along with the answers to them. If you have any other questions please feel free to get in touch using our live chat or via email which can be found here.

How often are advertising messages sent?

Advertising messages are only sent to your Discord server when an advertiser selects your Discord server when creating a new advertisement.

Is pinging/tagging allowed?

Pings such as @everyone and @here are enabled by default however you can disable the use of pings during the setup process or by editing your server in our control panel.