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Our platform gives you the ability to advertise to hundreds of thousands of users and allows you to target specific Discord servers so you can advertise effectively.

How to advertise


Select which category of Discord servers you are interested in advertising to.


Select the Discord servers you want to send an advertising message to.


Enter the message that will be sent to the selected Discord servers.

The cost of advertising

Advertising and marketing is typically expensive however we hope to change that by offering an affordable and effective advertising method. Each Discord server on our platform sets the price of their own Discord server but they're in competition with each other which results in lower prices.

Reach up to

881,989 Users

Why advertise with us

There are many reasons why our platform is more effective and outperforms other advertising methods.


You can select which Discord servers your message is sent to, allowing you to target a certain audience unlike other advertising methods which are much broader and less precise.


Most advertising methods are passive, they require the user to stumble across them. However, advertisements created on our platform are direct and go straight to the users.


We believe our platform to be one of the most affordable forms of advertising. Discord server owners compete for advertisers which reduces their prices.


When a new advertisement is created, the message is sent directly to the Discord server immediately.


Our platform has been built in a way that is simple and easy to use. There's no complex and confusing forms here.

Secure Payments

All payments are handled by PayPal, ensuring that your payment data is secure. helped our server gain over 200 members in only just 2 hours! enabled us to quickly and easily promote our server to tens of thousands of prospective, targeted Discord users. No waiting to bump anymore with the instant results and prolonged stream of members it has brought to our server. This has allowed us to make new connections with partners, members, and friends which we never would of thought possible.

- Hypotion Community